• Automobile Swing-arm Refuse Collector
  • Automobile Swing-arm Refuse Collector
  • Automobile Swing-arm Refuse Collector
  • Automobile Swing-arm Refuse Collector
Automobile Swing-arm Refuse Collector
Update time:2020-04-16
The kitchen garbage truck integrates the design advantages of all kitchen garbage trucks across the country, and perfects the design flaws and disadvantages of original kitchen garbage truck. It has passed the demonstration and test of environmental sanitation professionals in society. It has reached the international advanced level, and its technical performance index and product quality take the leading position in China.

→Product parameters

Project namemmQTH5074TCA
Boundary dimension [L×W×H] mm5995x2060x2455
Chassis model
Engine model
Engineer powerkw96
Cab configuration
Air conditioner
Maximum vehicle speedKm/h90
Compartment VolumeM35
Max. gross masskg7360

→Product Introduction

The swing arm type garbage truck is a new product that integrates garbage collection and transfer independently researched and developed by our company according to the actual needs of China's urban and rural areas, summing up the advantages of other products and improving the shortcomings of similar products. The key parts and components are made of high-quality famous products, and can be selected according to user needs. The car has passed the inspection and compulsory product (3c) certification of the National Automobile Inspection Center. Product indicators meet national standards.

→Performance Characteristics 

1. Utilize the vehicle's own power and use the hydraulic pressure to directly suspend the garbage bin through the swing arm. The operation is simple and one person can complete all the work.

2. The dustbin is installed underground, no building is needed on the ground, it occupies less land, and is safe and hygienic.

3. Low investment and wide application range, suitable for large-scale installation.

4. High reliability and low maintenance cost.

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