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  • Fecal Suction Truck
  • Fecal Suction Truck
  • Fecal Suction Truck
Fecal Suction Truck
Update time:2020-04-22
The truck follows the humanized design concept in the vehicle arrangement, mechanism design and vacuum system design, and conducts the strict scheme optimization. Its supporting parts are the products of domestic well-known advertisers...

→Product parameters

Project nameUnitQTH5082GXE
Boundary dimension [L×W×H]mm7050x2100x2470
Chassis model
Engine model
Engineer power kw115
Cab configuration
Air conditioner
Maximum vehicle speedkm/h103
Tank volumem36
Sucking-pumped periodmin≤6
Max. gross masskg8275

→Product Introduction

The car follows the humanized design concept in the vehicle layout, mechanism design and vacuum system design, and has carried out strict program optimization; the supporting parts and components are selected from the products of well-known domestic manufacturers; and the domestic design is integrated and absorbed in the entire design process. Advantages of similar models outside. Therefore, the technical performance of this model has reached the international advanced level, and it is in a leading position in China. It has been widely used in rural biogas digesters, rainwater wells, inspection wells, sedimentation wells, sewage, biogas residues, manure and other urban and rural liquid waste treatment in various channels, as well as the extraction, shipment, and discharge of sewage sludge in oil plants. 

→Performance Characteristics 

1. The tank body is made of high-quality steel as a whole, which has the characteristics of high strength and good corrosion resistance.

2. All the parts of the car have undergone strict pre-painting treatment before loading, and the paint surface has high adhesion and strong weatherability.

3. The inner surface of the tank body is strictly anti-corrosive, which improves the corrosion resistance of the tank body and prolongs the service life of the product.

4. The car's suction system uses products from well-known domestic manufacturers, with stable system performance and reliable operation.

5. Due to the selection of domestically advanced and excellent quality supporting components such as sewage suction pumps and valves, the system can obtain a high degree of vacuum, so that the product has a large suction power, a long suction range, and features high suction efficiency.

6. The car's suction system is equipped with an overflow protection device, which effectively protects the suction system and ensures the stability of the suction system.

7. There are two types of discharge: pressurized discharge and gravity discharge. It is more convenient to use and has a higher drainage rate. It reduces the volume of pollutants in the tank, effectively protects the surface of the tank, and extends the tank body life.

8. The car is equipped with a hand washing device, which effectively improves the working environment of the operator; it is more humane in product performance.

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