Recently, when I browsed the 362nd batch of new car announcements released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, I found that a total of 1,506 new models participated in the declaration, and the number of new energy vehicle declarations reached 343. Among them, 132 new energy heavy trucks represented by pure electric, fuel cell power and plug-in hybrid have been declared, accounting for 38.5% of the new energy market.

So, in the 362nd batch of new energy heavy trucks announced and declared, what highlights and trends can we find?

Yutong ZKH1183P1BEVJE pure electric truck chassis

Aspect 1: Pure electric heavy trucks report the most, special vehicles exceed 50%, and 46-ton models are reported for the first time

In the 362nd batch of new car announcements, a total of 271 pure electric vehicles participated in the declaration, of which pure electric heavy trucks declared 93 models, accounting for 34.32%. It can be seen that only the sub-sector of pure electric heavy trucks accounts for more than 30% of the market, which is enough to prove that the market prospects of pure electric heavy trucks are optimistic.

Dongfeng EQ1180GLEVJ2 pure electric truck chassis

Actually, this is not difficult to understand.

First of all, in terms of national policy, with the continuous advancement of the “dual carbon” strategy, the advantages of zero-emission and low-consumption pure electric vehicles determine that the country will vigorously support the development of pure electric heavy trucks.

Fulongma FLM5181ZXXDFBEV pure electric compartment detachable garbage truck

Secondly, due to the increasing number of charging (swapping) power stations across the country, the market share of pure electric heavy trucks will be boosted.

XCMG XGA5181GSSBEVWA pure electric sprinkler

At the same time, the application scenarios of pure electric heavy trucks are becoming more and more extensive. Not only the demand for pure electric heavy trucks in urban infrastructure construction, sanitation, and bulk material transportation markets is gradually increasing, but also the pure electricization rate of port freight and other scenarios in recent years has also increased. Under the requirements of rapid improvement, cruising range and transportation efficiency, pure electric heavy trucks can be regarded as one of the best solutions for green short-distance logistics. In particular, the birth of battery-swappable pure electric heavy trucks has made up for the “pain points” of pure electric heavy trucks that traditionally rely on charging for battery life. The scene is also more popular.

Shaanxi Automobile SX5467TXF6EV1 pure electric special operation vehicle chassis

Aspect 2: 38 hydrogen fuel cell heavy trucks are on the list, accounting for nearly 30%, and the number of declarations hits a new high

Dongfeng Huashen DFD4250GLFCEV5 fuel cell semi-trailer tractor

So, why are hydrogen fuel cell heavy trucks appearing frequently and getting more and more attention?

The author believes that, first, with the successive introduction of policies favorable to the hydrogen energy industry and the promotion and application of hydrogen energy heavy trucks in various places, various enterprises have actively made efforts in the field of hydrogen energy and launched more hydrogen fuel cell vehicles suitable for operation and transportation scenarios. It has played a good role in promoting the development of hydrogen energy heavy trucks.

Second, with the construction of the national hydrogen fuel cell vehicle demonstration city group and the extremely rich industrial by-product hydrogen resources in some areas, the promotion of hydrogen fuel cell heavy trucks from production to research and development, as well as the implementation of the entire industrial chain operation process The efforts have gradually increased, and the enthusiasm of enterprises in the research and development of hydrogen fuel cell heavy truck models has greatly increased.

Foshan Feichi FSQ5180GSSFFCEV fuel cell sprinkler

Aspect 3: Yutong leads the 600-horsepower Beiben “Xiti” hybrid heavy truck

Yutong TZ400XSYTC20 motor leads all models with a power output of up to 450kW (610 horsepower)

It is worth mentioning that in the 362nd batch of public announcements, Beiben Heavy Truck applied for a plug-in hybrid heavy truck model, which is also the first time it has applied for a plug-in hybrid model.

Beiben ND4250BBXJ7Z00PHEV Plug-in Hybrid Traction Vehicle

Beiben’s first plug-in hybrid electric traction vehicle on the list this time marks its official acquisition of the hybrid electric commercial vehicle qualification. The four-stage fuel consumption of vehicles, the “double credits” of commercial vehicles, and certain scenarios play an important role, and make important contributions to the high-quality development of the heavy truck industry and the early achievement of the “dual carbon” goal.


This batch of publicly declared models are mainly 18-ton and 31-ton models. At the same time, with the listing of 46-ton super-heavy new energy heavy trucks, does it indicate that new energy is gradually infiltrating in the heavy-duty market in the future? Let us continue to pay attention to the follow-up new car announcements, maybe we can find more answers.